Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Far East!

So I was ill prepared for a function held at my Husband’s home town over the weekend. I didn’t quite get enough time to make a white blouse to wear with my double wrapper (oh yeah! I have joined that league!) So here’s what I was able to assemble within the short time I had to prepare for the function. Frankly, I am beginning to dig this double wrapper thing (Without the traditional fancy blouse). I couldn't help but assume (in my head of course) that I rocked the look! 

Igbo Chiq!

Blouse; H&M, Watch; River Island, Sandal; New Look, Bracelet; Asos

I really cannot begin to describe how much I have missed doing this! It's been difficult for me to visit this blog without feeling sad. I am always left with the feeling I have disappointed you all by not posting in a really long while. There is no tangible excuse I can give to you except that work has taken a great toll on me. You should see all the greys in my hair! Jeez! Well, I believe its better late than never. Thanks to you all who breezed by, dropped a note or called. I am reminded by your actions that there are people who find this blog fun/interesting!



  1. Class!

    Who'd have thunk it??

  2. I love 2 wrapper! Can't wait till I'm qualified to wear.

  3. lovely!Wait, is the double wrapper worn only by a specific group of women?

  4. Thank you all!! @Chic Therapy not really...everyone can wear them but when you are Igbo and married, you must wear them at some occasions.

  5. Love it! following you
    Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me back as well:))

    x John



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