Thursday, March 14, 2013

What to write???

Utterly totally clueless!

Whoever said blogging would be a fairly easy deal lied!!! I can't wait to cross path with them and teach them a lesson or two! Anyways, hope your week has been great thus far?I don't know why but I have been tired lately. I find myself from time to time, looking for the next available 'hidden' corner to catch a quick nap. The only problem is that the very few spots I find already have people snoring away.... I can't blame anyone for a little slumber at work these days... It's been challenging trying to meet and beat deadlines! I really hope its all about work stress and not a tee-tse fly feast! Simply put in the words of our dynamic duo P-Square, 'e no easy ehh!'

Meanwhile, can anyone help with a good and affordable Internet Service Provider in Port-Harcourt? My experience with MTN has been rather disappointing! Infact , I have to stare at my laptop for like an hour before a page opens! What in the world is that???? In this time and era! I can't deal anymore! I feel like my eyes are the actual modem these days. Someone referred the Etisalat modem a few weeks back based on his personal experience but his story turned to the dark side some days ago....his eyes became modem too. So please help a sister out as this is affecting my blog posts...Ok, I may be experiencing some sort of block but my internet isn't helping! *puts up arrogant face* In the absence of any meaningful writeup, I would like to share my current crush; The Revlon 9 lip cube.

I got it a few months back at the Abu Dhabi Airport Duty Free for just Fifty eight Dollars! I consider that cheap especially when I have to buy one Revlon lipstick for Two thousand Naira! The funny thing is that it has just been sitting on my dresser adding to the decor all this while! It took me moving apartments to actually remember it, open it and have a real look! The colours preach candy! I do feel like having candies when I look at them.

Can't wait to rock them!





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  2. I love this post!!
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  3. hehehehe.. i love the shades.. plix can i come and collect one?



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