Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shopaholic's Little Sister!

Hello peps.

While my fashion sense may not be all that, I have of recent developed a certain obsession for online shopping! Any free time I get off work is used to browse fashion trends online. One too many times, I indulge my poor dear Naira MasterCard ( L ) and shop! (Almost till I drop dead!). Hey don’t blame me! They (online stores) have made it impossible to resist! The online shopping steps are so easy these days (only three buttons click away!)……you find yourself visiting them at odd hours. I should probably state that shopping online has become one of my hobbies!

Anyhoo! I recently got some cool stuffs from (my best online store because they make my life easy. Free advertising) based on their fashion trends alert and I want to share my buy with you. (Warning; Do not criticize me anyhow oh!) What do you think?

 I hope to wear the pink dress to my friends' wedding coming up in July (Maybe i will do the contrast bodice instead #confused )
This LBD is cheap but by far my favourite! Clubs here I come! woo hoo!
This is one of my favs! Simply causal....I'm sure I can wear this anywhere! (Wedding?)

Remember. This is just for fun.


1 comment:

  1. I used to be liking the first dress..:-P.. but i don go deliverance for my online shopping prblm.. once i get to payment section.. i remember my rent and d possibility of sleeping outside n all the rush clears.. The pink will deff be cool for the wedding.. upload pishure wen u snap..



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