Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fact 101; This is for fun.

Hello everyone!

Fact 101; This is for fun.

Do I like to write? Ermmm…..maybe once upon a time but right now, nah! I don’t! I’m just a very bored human being (sitting in some cabin on a drill ship, offshore) who has been pushed to my laptop for lack of what to do (Browsed all the ‘browsable’ sites! Plus I hope my boss doesn’t see this…..I have been sending pretty busy reports!)

So here I am, musing (more like typing and deleting) about……. my life and opinions about general stuff (I guess if I can’t get a reality TV crew to follow me around and make me popular like Kim K, I can start with my own free blog! #fimilebaby!). So, allow me to introduce myself.

I am Happy Chiq. I’m in my late twenties-almost thirty, I am a field engineer (love eet!). I’m pretty quiet but tend to go crazy at times. I don’t like to miss out on a good laugh! I love eating out, hanging out, traveling with friends, gossip (why not nah), lip-gloss, dresses, fashion trends (not much of a fashionista though), Karaoke (who wouldn’t!), and God (in my own special way).

Welcome to my world. Hope you like it here.

Remember. I do this for fun! 

Happy Chiq.

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