Thursday, June 21, 2012

On the matter of weight!

At last! Somebody finally noticed! Now I feel like the last twenty-something days have finally paid off! (Huge smile) It was at the rig’s galley she paid the compliment 

“Your neck looks long….OMG! it seems like you have lost some weight!” 

I did a cartwheel, then danced azonto (in my head of course) “really?” I asked with the look of sincere astonishment. 

“Yeah! You better take it easy. It seems you are losing too much weight oh.” She replied.

I faced my tiny meal ( and smiled to myself. Yes! Somebody noticed!

I remember the first time I had to relocate to Port Harcourt back then in October 2010. I did a medical examination and the report read something like this; 

Name: bla bla bla, 
Age: bla bla bla,
Sex: Female,
Height: 184m (I still doubt this…),
Weight: 67kg. 

For almost two years now, I have watched my weight sky rocket! Every time I go or leave the rig, I have to step on a scale and Lawd! The things I see! It just keeps increasing! 2kg at a time or 3kg sometimes! (FYI; I step on the scale frequently >_<) Anyways I had to step on the scale once again, twenty something days ago (on my way to the rig).

It hit me. It's 15kg extra!

I was filled with all sorts of feelings and they were not good! I was so depressed I kind of stopped eating. I just stopped. Food no longer seemed interesting. I wasn’t hungry anymore. It caused me to think about my lifestyle, what was I doing wrong or differently? I have never gained this much in my entire life and within such a short period!

Well, I would be lying to myself if I say I was careful. Nah. I wasn’t. I was eating like a … (…and I thought I was living my life. Smh) I was eating and drinking every junk the modern world had to offer,  it’s no surprise my waist kept getting fatter. I kept telling myself lies like ‘I’ll lost it when I wanna’ #mumugist! I even started rigorous working out but my horrid eating habits stayed.

On to the present, I have stopped living to eat and started eating to live(Namaste). I eat once a day now and drink tea for the rest of the day. Once in awhile I indulge in dessert (I really mean once in a while) but in all, it has taken a lot of discipline and mental strength. I checked my weight three days ago and I have …wait for it...lost…wait for it...7KG!!!!!!!

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah!!!!!!

These days I feel lighter and better knowing I have control over my weight. The only problem was that it seemed no one here noticed my weight loss….till today!

So cheers to me! The girl on a ‘look-like-a-beyonce/model-hybrid’ mission. So help me God.

Remember. I do this for fun.


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