Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh Zara!

So I just got a Facebook message from my girlfriend in the UK to stop shopping and sending stuffs to her place! I quote "My 'yard' people will soon brand me shopaholic! I'm usually not around when they deliver your stuff so my neighbours think i'm a biks girl!!" Hahahahaha! I have promised to stop.....for now :D

I always promise to stop but then I get email notifications of one secret sale or another!(does this mean i'm going to be a broke ass?). May God help me #ferventlypraying.

Meanwhile, what do you guys think about this Animal print blazer?
Yeah! I know! Thank you! For the rest of you, get in with the program! Animal print is on!.....and I love mine as a blazer! (can i get a whoop whoop!) This is a Zara piece...saw it online and fell in love! #teamweirdfashion. You can find it Here . Unfortunately, I don't think you can purchase it with your Naira MasterCard (sorry!)

So what do you think?

Love or Hate it?

Remember. I do this for fun.



  1. *Rarr* things!! Lol.. Nice blazer I shall keep my eye on it for when it goes on sale...*If my size is not available then..then its not my destiny* (My Shopaholic's Mantra)..

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