Friday, June 22, 2012


Asked my friend in the UK to make one (or two) more buy(s) from Zara for me and she said NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! She quickly reminded me of my promise to stop shopping (I promised to stop....for now) and affirmed her 'No'. I told her after this (these) I wont send or ask her to buy anything for the next couple of months. That was how 'Please' and 'No' went back and forth all morning till she agreed to buy but only if I sleep over it and get back to her tomorrow morning. I quote "I don't think these items are worth it! Sleep over it and let me know tomorrow morning."

Funny thing; I already have a 'Please go ahead and buy' message typed and waiting to be delivered tomorrow! But then again, she might just be right...are these really worth it? I know they don't cost much but I am totally in love with the loose pants  and the cape t-shirt looks really classy and soft.

What do you all think? To buy or not to buy? 



  1. *evil grin*... Check the material the trousers are made from.. If its chiffon then I suggest you don't cos it might not be a good fit in the end. Or better still join my school of thot.. *when in doubt of worth.. Wait till the sales.. If my size is still there.. Then its my destiny*

  2. @eclectic; it is not chiffon....I checked. And I don't want to wait till the sales.



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