Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lace + Aged Bronze...

Out of town. Back in town. I am so sure you all are tired of hearing my usual mantra...I can almost hear whispers of 'Another gist please.'

Well, paired this lace top with this aged bronze skirt with velvet trim to church on Sunday and later to lunch with one of my besties who came into town. #funday!

Top; Asos Lace Sweater
Skirt; Darling Vivienne Skirt
Bag; Asos
Shoes; Aldo

By the way, I have had Muse's madness on repeat for the past two days! I can't begin to explain the places I go with this song! I am completely blown out of this world! #SpaceRock!

That's all folks! Remember it's never too late to have a great start in life. Make it happen!


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