Thursday, November 1, 2012

Days so far....

I am still exhausted from the rush of the weekend and I am scheduled to go back offshore tomorrow! (Somebody wake me up from this nightmare!)

Anyways, I was offshore last week pondering on the choice of career over social life. You see, with this kind of job I do, it's really difficult if not impossible to have a work-social life balance. Well, it's more of work and less of social life. So my homegirl's wedding was coming up and I was offshore working my ass off. I was forced to ponder on the satisfaction of work versus the loss of social life. It seemed I was going to miss this wedding. 

Suddenly! Like a miracle, an opportunity came up for me to leave the rig for three days! Can you believe it! I was so overjoyed! Calabar here we come!

So I got into town Friday evening and all I wanted to do was sleep! I had been awake for almost twenty hours! You can imagine how I slept....Next day, Road trip! Destination; Calabar! Mission; Let's get married! I started out the journey with a another friend and her two adorable kids (They were planning on how to take over the world through out the journey! Lol!). It was a tiring journey but we got there finally.

Calabar was just as I saw it the last time I was there four years ago; clean and pretty. How I envy all who live there. Life must be really peaceful and easy going. The wedding was lovely. My friend never looked happier! Congrats Eno and Kebi!

Super tired Me!

Dress; Akpos Okudu

My friend told me I looked really big in this picture. I don't know how that is possible when my collar bone looks like you can fetch a cup of water from it.

By the way, Lagos Fashion & Design Week has come and gone. I must say I am amazed at the out pour of talent! Nigerian Designers are seriously representing! Check out the Fashion Week's Highlights, Designers, Exhibitions and Awards Here .




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