Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Peaceful Roller Coaster!

So it went from peaceful, fun week to roller coaster week!

I had to make an impromptu trip back to Port-Harcourt all thanks to the call of duty! Yep I was yanked off my reverie called 'vacation' and asked to get back to work ASAP !!!(Oh well, I chose this life...)

Anyways, had to say my hurried good byes to everyone...and Lagos (You will be missed). Took the next available flight, Got into PH, called my boss only to be told, "Ah! I forgot, you will be going offshore Tuesday not Monday...Sorry!" 

I will leave out all the things I said in my head.

I decided to make the best of monday. I rearranged my wardrobe and later went to see the movie; TED! I know its been out for awhile but with my constant triangle life of Port-Harcourt - Offshore - Lagos, I never had the chance till now to see the movie. It was raining cats and monkeys that morning so I donned my glam rocker sweater!

Top; Glamourous Sweater, Pant; Asos jeggings, Shoes; Asos deny Wedge trainers.

Yay or Nay?

Yup. No Make up! I hardly do make up....I don't know's not like I have the smoothest face. Matter of fact, it is filled with freckles!   

In the normal Port-Harcourt style, the rain suddenly stopped falling and the sun decided to teach me a lesson. I have learnt that I don't live in the UK or Obodo Oyinbo. It was so hot! At some point I could see Ludacris in my head rapping "how much can you sweat!" instead of "How low can you go." Dear Sun, the lesson has been learnt! I won't be wearing this sweater for a while.

In the mean time, I hate that I will be missing out on L'Espace Girls Day Out! (Long sob!) I have always wanted to own a Virgos Lounge piece! I hope Lagos shoppers will be kind enough to leave One or two items for those of us that can't make it on that day oh!

I am currently offshore and won't be making frequent posts. It's definitely going to be a bit boring here but on the bright side, it's Coverall fashion month! Hahahaha! I will be out here for maybe a month and I am looking forward to rocking my coveralls (work clothes).

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