Thursday, October 11, 2012


I am not sure what got me super excited today, but I found myself in an elated mood…maybe its because I was going to pick up my asoebi for Cocat’s traditional wedding coming up in December, or that I was going to catch up with Nema and Cocat (We haven’t done that physically in a very long time…considering Nema has been away studying some really important stuff in obodo oyinbo). Maybe it’s because Nema and I plan to make a stop at Eko Market! (ermm..I don’t think shopping in some really rowdy market works for me so that cant be responsible for my awesome mood)

Anyways, Nema came around this morning. I love her Peter Pan collar blouse!(theft plan in progress...) Off we went to Cocat’s office…but not before she helped me with some shots…
 Dress; Oasis Animal print dress in pink, Belt; Asos. I know the bag and shoes are making a repeat appearance so soon....well, that's what happens when I pack in a hurry for a trip!
Goofy as usual!

Thanks Nema!
Cocat seemed busy but she made out time to let us ‘Ooh’ ‘Haa’ at her asoebi and also catch up.  We must have gossiped for over an hour! (It was her lunch break before you start judging her!)  But it seemed like just 5 minutes. We had to eventually say our goodbyes…and it was off to Eko Market!
Broad Street(some part), Lagos Island

Lagos Island! I don’t know if I miss the place! It’s as crowded and busy as ever! People running here and there, Cars confusing the hell out of pedestrians, infact, chaos in general! I wanted to take loads of pictures but was warned by an Areaboy the moment I brought out my camera, so I just respected myself and kept my camera where it belonged…in its case! Walked by my former place of work on Broad street and was thrown back on memory lane…those were crazy but fun days!
Window-shopping was made almost unbearable no thanks to the heat! I had to put my hair up in a ponytail to get by …Nema decided to buy some lovely materials on display.

The heat finally won...had to tie my hair up :(

Goodbye Eko!

It's been a really long but awesome day....How was yours?



  1. I'm happy you had a really nice day, there is noting more fun than meeting up with old friends you haven't seen for a while. Lovely Pictures

    In Fashion Rehab

  2. Thanx so much dear! BTW a huge stan of ur blog!!!



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