Friday, August 31, 2012

Once upon a time....

Once upon a time, there were 3 wise women....

3 wise women (Nema, Reg*me* & Cocat)


Yesterday, I was minding my business jejely when I got this picture from Nema. It's been laughing spree since then! I now know why people don't like their 'before' pictures leaking out! And to think that we were 'babes' then! Hahahahaha! In case you are wondering, its a picture of the 3 wise women; me (in the middle) and two of my best friends taken in December, 2005.  It was our first serious attempt at the asoebi business.  How time flies. Chei! see headtie! Lord have mercy! I still find it hard to believe that I was this skinny. Damn! I was too skinny to even model! (check out my ostrich neck!) Now I know why my mum was insisting I wear a long sleeve blouse.

I recall being introduced to Nema by my cousin in 2002. It was the first semester of my first year in FUTO and she being from Arondiuzougu (we run things!) had something to do with our becoming fast friends even though I could not speak Ibo to save my life. Cocat however, was a more dramatic meet. We had this really difficult engineering drawing assignment that pushed me to consult Nema. At the time, she was already doing her assignment with Cocat whom I notice was making this ridiculous attempt at singing (a tone deaf version) Lenny Kravitz's 'fly' while doing her assignment. Yeah! Finally someone who was into rock music! (you don't see that everyday in 2002 'Nigeria'). Unfortunately she seemed more interested in Lenny's appearance when I tried to talk about the song (Who I still think is very hot by the way) Anyways we all struck off and made some invincible pact to be friends for ever!

I have never been referred to by so many names in my life! We were called names like; powerpuff girls, atomic kittens, sugarbabes, 3 girls and madam G (a cafeteria we used to eat in) and then 3 wise women. Our Course adviser started the 3 wise women...and till today I don't know why he called us that..we were not topping the class or anything like that but somehow the has stuck withtill date (I like it).

Nothing much has changed. we've had our ups and downs. We fight, we make up. We don't see each other for awhile, maybe don't even talk for a while....

...and yeah! I put on weight!!!! *Huge grin*

Reg, Cocat and Nnenna (2011)

all grown up! (2012)

 .....and they lived happily ever after.



  1. wow!!! this is really nicee, it got me thinking of so many "the 1st time i met"s. kudos reggy.

  2. 3 wise name(winks)



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