Friday, August 31, 2012



This picture was taken sometime last month when I traveled to Lagos for the weekend. My Husband's department at work was having a sort of hangout night which was by the way awesome! The pictures were posted on facebook the following week and I cringed when I saw this one!

Wondering why? Have a second look...

...Still haven't figured out?

I forgot to change my watch!!!!

You see I had to do a 'James Bond' in thirty minutes from my office in Trans-amadi to Omagwa airport after work on that day. When I got into Lagos, I found myself at the hangout, having way too much fun (...later part of the night).

And this picture had to come out the following week! *shudders!*

For what it's worth, I wear my 'vintage' (more like worn out) rubber Casio to work everyday because I can't/shouldn't wear any other type (Chain, Leather, etc). I know...I can read your thoughts! "Still no excuse!" Now it's up there in facebook. *sobs!* I know I can un-tag myself and solve the problem temporarily but it doesn't change the fact that the picture (and many more!) is stuck in facebook forever! #ohdear

I wish there was some advance app that would allow me apply some sort of photo shop edits to the picture, say...replacing the Casio with a Marc Jacob?

Mark Zuckerberg, abeg bros, look into this 'app' matter.


P.S; I am 100% sure that it isn't ghost town here. I have been blogging for a little over two months now, and I know you guys visit my blog. IF you enjoy what you see (mundane stuffs), please join the 'HappyChiqers' by following my blog (Find the 'Join this blog' tab on the right side bar of this blog.)

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