Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wet Cause!

Thank God the rain has stopped.

Its been raining pretty much all day and I know rain is supposed to be good but I am not a fan. It floods everywhere and my shoes get ruined! But thanks to these rubber soles! My leather and suede never have to see water again!

I got this Vivienne Westwood Melissa for my wedding....with the intention of rocking it forever! I wish I had all the colours! Maybe I won't have to wear any other shoe again! Lol!

I also got this Campana Melissa for a casual look. (Rock it everyday!)

You can find Melissa shoes everywhere! They are like the hub of plastic dream! They make rubber shoes look glam. Check them out here

Under no circumstance should you be caught wearing this!

Yeah! I know! Don't diss me! I fell for this one *covering my face* cos I thought it was a cute imitation of the Melissa flip flop......till I saw every Tom, Dick and Mariah put it on! I have loathed it since then! So I decided to change them to regular green flip flops :)

I hope I'll find some use for these ribbons sometime!

Going back to my reruns of How I Met Your Mother.


1 comment:

  1. lol! at the green and yellow slippers. They are everywhere. :P



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