Monday, July 16, 2012

Shiny and I

It feels so good to be back!

Yep after two weeks of relaxing and lazying about and not doing anything, I was back at work! I missed hanging at coffee shop with colleagues, the sweaty workshop, my rusty equipment and greasy coverall! (#weird!) Yep! I was all smiles especially when people commented on how much weight I had lost! ( Still going on with the weight loss program (5Kg more!)

As much as I was excited about getting back to work, I couldn't wait to leave! It was movie date(which entailed pretty much watching a random movie..... #Thatisall!) with my girlfriend! I would normally go in my tees and jeans but I decided NO! It would be different today! So, I counted the seconds before close of business and I did a 'James Bond' drive back home (Thank God! There was no traffic!) 

I kinda think I over did it *covering my face* #Itwasjustafreakingmovie!

I've actually been looking for a reason to wear this skirt as it's really been awhile! (Last time was like 7 months ago. I was still on the fat side and it was a struggle to fit in.)

I will always remember the first time Shiny skirt and I met (typing with my love struck face).....It was at Akpos Okudu's apartment. Our eyes met as I walked in and its been love! love!! love!!!

AKPOS OKUDU skirt(Similar here), ZARA Blazer(Similar here), Old H&M shoe(Similar), Owl Necklace, Plain White Tees

Anyways, I ended up wasting a lot of time!(...that I was trying to save when I closed early!)  Got to the cinema late! (Sorry babes) And ended up watching half of Prometheus!

Now I'm home, typing this and drinking Corona beer.(I swear! I'm still on my weight loss program!)

I've got work tomorrow.


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