Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So Random!

I have a valid excuse this time for being away so long a time! I have literally been chased around the office with a torch of fire for the past three weeks! Talk of about meeting deadlines! Its still hot and smoked up peps. Try not to get too close!
Grateful for the stolen moments in between stress points of the past weeks….

Ran into J Martins at an event organized by my company a few weeks back.
Its jay jay J Martins!  *in Cabo Snoops voice*

The guy suffered oh! Had to take pictures with over a thousand people! A girl even turned into a photo director asking him to pose like this and that! Who knew she had it in her! Ask me how I know all this…I was sitting right behind him, recording all the ongoings with my ‘koro koro’ eyes(After bullying some poor dude off his seat). Anyways his performance was off the hook! I found myself on stage giving him ‘stage girl’ support (In my head ofcourse!)
 Was in Abuja over the weekend for a friends' wedding which was....wait for it....
Awesome because I got to escape with my husband from the regular Port-Harcourt-Rig-Lagos routine....most importantly, It was great being there in person to witness my friends tie the knot! Yeah, I hear you ask what the big deal is. Well, when you regularly get impromptu calls in the middle of the night that you are scheduled to go to some offshore location, you can't but appreciate it when you get to be available for things like weddings, etc.
I wore my Akpos Okudu dress for the engagement.

Dress; Akpos Okudu, Clutch; Asos Laptop Clutch, Necklace; Asos, Sunglasses; Chloe, Cuffs; Asos
For the white wedding, I wore my Virgos Lounge Midnight dress.

The wedding theme was winter wonderland so I guess I wasn't overly dressed for it.

Dress; Virgos Lounge Midnight Dress, Shoes; Aldo, Clutch; Zara, Watch; DKNY, Earrings; Asos
Like all good things, The weekend came to an end and I had to say my good byes...
Top; Max, Trousers; Asos Stained glass pants, Sunglasses; Chloe; Bag; Zara Shopper, Watch; Michael Kors

That's all folks!
Promise to post more frequently.


  1. I love your VL dress...and you nailed the look with those pumps.

  2. Beautiful pics!
    Loving all ur outfits. :D
    That VL dress was made for u!


  3. You looked stunning in VL dress. Can i have it please?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Thanks a lot ladies! @Frances; lol! You have no idea how much weight I had to shed to fit into that dress.

    Thanks for stopping by ladies! Your comments are greatly appreciated!


  5. Your black dress is beautiful. I like the detail on the shoulders and those blue ear-rings are just exquisite.

  6. lovely dress



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