Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday, New in, Shaggy Hair!

Few weeks back, while window shopping at Mango (The Palms, Lagos) I saw this lovely neon bag that kind of looked like the Weresle neon bag(here) designed for Mango Touch. It looked pretty much like it but wasn't quite it. Anyways, I fell heads over heels in love with it immediately! The only problem that stood between us at that moment was MONEY! I was on living on an already exceeded budget!

Fast forward to last week! I was busy working when I got a call from my hubby, asking if there was anything in particular I wanted from Mango. (Miracles do happen!) Of course I told him to get the bag first!...then every other thing! Hahahaha! You can guess...I didn't get everything. Just the bag and a few goodies (#ThanxHun!)

Fast forward again today! I'm rocking it to church!

ALDO Shoes(Old pair)
Asos Dress(old one)
Karen Millen Watch (Old one)
Mango Neon Messenger Bag & Sunglasses(The Palms, Lagos)
Animal Print Skinny Belt (Random Shop)

Do have a great week!


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