Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hydraulic Junkie!


It's me again with lame excuses of being away for so long.  Yeah its been awhile, 'I am sorry' sounds so cliche so I'll just move on.

How have you all been? Great? That's nice. Me, I have been totally worked up and out! Work has been extremely crazy and believe it or not, this is the first time I am getting a break! Running up and down, rough seas and sleepless nights have turned me into this!
Hydraulic Junkie!

 Hahahahaha! I know right? Not a good picture at all! I look like shit! Omg! I remember what a trainer engineer said to me when I fell to the floor after a hard day of swimming in hydraulic oil and jumping up and down on the rig floor! He told me I looked like a drug junkie! I was too weak to even laugh! Trust me when I say there's no room for glamour with this job!

Anyways, lets just say I'm free for the next few days to;

Daydream about my husband, family and friends (and my job too! lol!)

To gossip (and get the itch outta ma hair!)

Be downright silly!

Oh well, what can I say? My life and times.... I look forward to when I get out of here and can be a normal girl again.

Till then, I remain yours truly, Hydraulic junkie!


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