Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hooty Call!

I hope you will forgive my multiple entries today, it's the outcome of not blogging for just have so many things to share at once! 

There are so many things to blog about! So little time (...sorry...Internet subscription)!

Anyways, get ready to call me weird! (chanting 'weird' in my head already)

I spotted some 'owl' accessories during my many meanderings in Lagos and I personally think they look ominous but at the same time, quirky and fun! I got the 'Hoot' (that's the sound owls make right?) call from these earrings and necklace! Hahahaha! Don't they scare the hell out of you???

Photographs by HappyChiq
I got these from that accessories store at the palms in lagos....cant remember the name. Check out this one by mango!

Obey the hooty call!


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