Tuesday, July 31, 2012

'Colour blockzing' and other stories!

Colour blockzing! Yes! I just said it like Jenifa! Oh well, there’s no other way to put it… You need to have seen what my eyes were forced to see on Saturday…
Anyways, it seems I have officially turned into a ‘Once-A-Week’ Blogger!  For what its worth…I am sorry for not putting anything up. It was a very busy and challenging week at work. Lot’s of brainstorming and physical activities! (Aluta Continua)
Anyways, my week reached its highlight on Friday when I took a trip to Lagos!. Got in late but had a really awesome TGIF night with my Husband and his Colleagues! (#Azonto-ing! #ThanksHun!)
Went to a party with my friend as an ‘attaché’ on Saturday and gosh!!! The things I saw!!!  You see, I went out with my SLR Camera to see if I could get a few good pictures but I ended up trying to get all the colours out of my eyes! God! I thought I was going to come down with Colour-sensitivity epilepsy! What is with all the colour blocking craze!!! It was a bloody colour nightmare!! Most women at the party wore all the colours of the rainbow…sorry, colours of a computer! It was just chaotic!! I swear I saw one wearing a minimum of 10 different colours! Seriously! What is going on? Don’t get me wrong, I love to colour block but I’ve come to know the thin line between looking like a mad person and colour blocking! Ladies be moderate! There is nothing fashionable about wearing all the colours of the rainbow. I found this article to be a really good read …it’s on colour blocking rules. Knock yourself out!
image source; lifestylesoftheyoung.com

The rest of the weekend was filled with awesomeness! Spent quality time with my family ; My parents and my last two siblings came over for lunch on Sunday!  We had a swell time! Well I am sure I did! (I beat brother and sister to 7 games of street fighter Vs. Tekken! #WooHoo!!)

Sadly, Monday came and I had to bade my love farewell*said in Shakespeare's' voice*. Took a flight back to Port-Harcourt; where I basically hustle. I don't know if it was me feeling home sick but I came down with a flu as soon as the flight touched down Port-Harcourt.

So I am back to Port-Harcourt and ready to work...and blog!

Have a great week!


P.S. This post is a day late! Sorry!


  1. Enjoying this ur blog babes! Keep them coming!
    Btw, I noticed that these days, people use the excuse of colour blocking to wear everything in their wardrobes when dey can't find anything to wear- **so not cool**

  2. @A-Dazzler; Thanx alot babes! As in...the colour blocking is on a different level oh!



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