Tuesday, July 10, 2012

...and its been a while...

First of all, if I could write sorry all over the earth for the number of days I have been absent, I would. But unfortunately, I cant. It’s going to cost an arm and leg to make that kind of trip. So, I'll just go for apology.

I am soooo sorry I haven’t made any entry for almost a week! It’s been a very 'busy' week though.
Got off the rig last week after spending thirty-four days!!! I was literally tired and running out of my mind! I needed a break badly. As luck would have it, my boss let me off for a couple of days (Two solid weeks! Whoop! Whoop!)
Anyways, I scoffed off to Lagos (as quickly as I could) to spend some quality time alone with my boo! Quality time. No distractions what so ever! So that’s why I couldn’t post entries. (Plus my Internet subscription ran out!).
Apart from chilling, a few things happened on the side. Finally got my own SLR camera! (Yippee! Thanks a lot Baby!) So lots of manual studying and photo lessons to take. Check out my amateur shots! 

Photographs by HappyChiq

I also made sure time was set aside for some window-shopping! Mango at the Palms had really dresses, accessories and bags in their new collection! Colours are predominately nude and black though. There were a lot of girls shopping in the store at the time I was there. This made the store feel clustered and I could not walk around as much as I wanted to. So I picked up these items;
Photograph by HappyChiq

I know this might be old news for you guys (its new for me!) Mango has Nigeria listed on their site! Prices are also listed in Naira!(Check it out HERE!) However I don’t think you can make purchases via the online store (I tried *sad face*). Who knows? Maybe they are working on it…but if any of you do find the time to visit the mango store, please do the rest of us a favour and make enquires about the online store. You can drop a comment with your findings. Thank you in advance!
Gosh! This is already looking lengthy and I am not a fan of lengthy write-ups.
We’ll catch up later.

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  1. lol to the fake melissa slips. u killed me there



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